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Recycled Sweater Chicken

I got this pattern directly from Martha Stewart’s website. It was really easy to make using an old sweater that I felted in the washing machine. The directions appeared to be wrong; they said to enlarge the pattern 400% to make a 5″ tall chicken. When I enlarged the pattern that much I would have had an enormous,  turkey-sized chicken. I think I enlarged it 200%, although it may have been a little higher, and in the end and the chicken is 9″ tall and 12″ long. I’m also not exactly sure what that thing hanging down under his beak/chin is supposed to be, or why the heck mine is so enormous and the one in her photos is tiny when I used her pattern?  Chickens don’t really have wattles like a turkey, but that’s kinda what it looks like. I also added some embroidery to it: eyes and some wing details. I’m going to try making another one some day with different colored sweaters, maybe red for the comb, yellow for the beak and white for the body? It’s also fun to play with textures, as I did for the comb but you could also do for the wings — ribbed or cabled.

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  1. Someone appears to be asleep at the wheel over there at Martha Stewart Living… Sure is adorable though!

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