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More Vintage Tape Measure & Ruler Jewelry

On Friday I was cruising the website and they had an article on ‘Etsy Sellers We Love“. They listed 9 Etsy seller’s that all had cute things, but one made watched out of tape measures. One quick look at her watches and I could have slapped myself in the side of the head. Why didn’t I think of that when I was making vintage ruler and tape measure jewelry a few weeks ago?

I still had tons of the vintage tape measure that I used for the first project, so I dragged Jim to Michael’s Crafts on Saturday night before we went out for a quick dinner. Having spent little to no time in a crafts store before, he was fascinated by all of the stuff you could find there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a small watch face with a ribbon bar, but I did find some grommets that I needed.

I had a really cheap Timex watch that I bought in an emergency once not long ago, and could put that to good use now. I cut the bands off of the watch, and assembled my new one. It really could use a smaller snap, but that was all I had and it was late on Saturday night when I was putting this together.

And while I was at it, I decided to make a tape measure wrap bracelet. I liked the bracelet on it’s own, but I’d bought this black leather studded wrap bracelet at Forever 21 recently when I was hunting for bangle bracelets for my Sweater Covered Bangle Bracelet project, and thought they might look good mixed together. I loved that.

Tape Measure Bracelet Mixed with a studded leather wrap bracelet I found on sale at Forever 21 a few weeks ago.

And of course, wanting a whole jewelry ensemble thing going on, I had to make some earrings to go with the watch and bracelet.

Vintage tape measure and vintage ruler earrings.

Another fun project for an inspired vintage look.

If anybody would like more tutorial style pictures on how to make the watch, just send me a comment or email.

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  1. hello, i found you through pinterest and i just love the ruler earrings you made with the old measuring tape i’m writing to request the tutorial style pictures you mentioned that are available. any tips would be helpful too. thank you. deb

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