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Make Your Own Fancy Headbands

I don’t have enough hair to require a headband, but my girls certainly do. Amanda loves headbands, India is confused by how to wear them properly and Maia wears them occasionally.

I came across some adorable felt flowers on Etsy a few weeks ago and for some reason they just seemed perfect for putting on some headbands. I went to my local sewing store and bought 1-3/4 yards each in varying colors of grosgrain ribbon, went to my local drugstore and bought a bunch of the cheapest headbands I could find, headed home and fired up the glue gun.

Gold over edge of ribbon and glue down to prevent fraying. Then glue the finished edge to the back of the bottom of one side of the hairband.

Apply a think strip of hot glue about an inch long on the outside of the headband and start to quickly and tightly wind the ribbon up and around the headband. Continue in the same way all the way around the headband.

When you get to the end of the headband trim ribbon allowing enough to glue down and fold over edge again to prevent fraying. Glue ribbon edge down on the back of headband.

Using a dab of hot glue on the underside-center of felt flowers, glue flowers onto headband.

This is a terrific way to make a headband for a particular outfit that matches your color and style exactly. And you certainly don’t need to limit yourself to felt flowers — you could glue all sorts of fun things on a headband. Glue more or less flowers on them according to your own taste. They’re easy to make and a lot less expensive than a similar headband would be in a store.


  1. these make me want to grow my hair out… 🙂 p.s. when is that baby goat coming?

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