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Craft Tip – Cutting Foam Rubber

With Halloween fast approaching, lots of people that don’t normally craft are busy trying to make their kids Halloween costumes. I’m helping India make a jellyfish costume.

I don’t think I ever read this anywhere, but figured it out by watching foam being cut at a foam factory. If you ever need to cut foam rubber, the easiest way to do it is with your electric knife. The fast-moving serrated blades cut through it like butter, giving you nice, clean edges.

If you don’t have an electric knife, maybe your neighbor does? Everyone should own an electric knife though. You don’t know how useful they are until you have one. They’re terrific for getting nice, thin slices of flank steak, and nothing beats one for your Thanksgiving turkey carving.


  1. Great tip! I will be by tomorrow to borrow yours to cut some foam rubber for the insides of my tall boots to keep them upright in my closet when I’m not wearing them. I’m not paying an arm and a leg for them when I can purchase an inexpensive slab of foam and cut it up myself! Now I know how to cut it up!

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