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And they just keep coming…

I really think I’ve found one of my favorite form of art. I just can’t seem to get enough of making these linoleum print cards. I added 3 new ones to the portfolio in the past week or two. For the first time I printed these using an oil-based block printing ink. While it’s a bigger clean-up, I really liked the results and thought it made a ‘cleaner’ print than the water based ink does.

The Snowy Farmhouse printed card.

Silver Spangled Hamburg black print with red hand-painted combs.

Japanese Gray Cockerel black print with red hand-painted combs.

And although it’s time consuming, I love the pop of color the red combs add to the rooster and chicken prints.

I’m working on a new one right now from one of my favorite photographs of a crested crane that will use a salmon colored hand-painted accent color. ¬†We’ll see how that looks.


  1. i hadn’t seen this post until now; I just LOVE these and am so excited to have some of my own. I doubt I will be using them… they are like artwork to me! xo

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