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A Nest in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush?

I didn’t have much time on my trip to Lexington to work on Linoleum prints like I’d hoped, but I did manage to get one finished and printed it yesterday. A nest in the hand. I love the way it came out. Unfortunately, I’m not sure which category it’s going to fit into in my series of cards, but I’ll find somewhere for it.

Nest in the Hand Linoleum Cutting before printing.

Nest in the Hand Linoleum Print Card

And while I had my printing stuff out, I printed out my King Strut again on some less textured paper, and he came out much better than the original print. Someday I’m going to break out my silk screening equipment and I hope to do a series of pillows and maybe hand towels from my larger prints.

King Strut final print.


  1. I like both of the cards, but King Strut is my favorite. You did a perfect job of capturing his bravado!

    Susan and Bentley

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