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Sugar Cookies – Batch 2

In my continued efforts to pursue perfection in regards to sugar cookies I made another batch last week.

Chickens with gold sprinkles everywhere

Plain brown chickens

White chickens with brown tail feathers. I called these my fluffy butt chickens because I put the gold sprinkles on only their bottoms and wing feathers.

Gnomes with sparkly red sugar on their hats

Sparkly White Sugar Sheep

Plain White Sheep with a Black Outline

Generally speaking I learned from this that I like the sugar used in moderation. I liked the sugar on the fluffy butts of the chickens, not all over. I loved the sugar on the red gnome hats, and I didn’t like it on the sheep at all.

Just wait until you see the next batch. I found the most awesome cookie cutters on-line that I ordered. I will achieve sugar cookie perfection before the twins’ birthdays.


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