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What I Did This Weekend

I’m not one to normally post something as mundane as “what I did this weekend”, but the truth is I’ve been so busy making things that I don’t have enough time to post things.

On Friday night I went to see one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris, speak at a local theatre with two girlfriends. My kids spent the night at my parents house which they hadn’t done in quite awhile and they were excited about that. I was excited about dinner and being out with my friends; a rare treat for me. I didn’t quite know what to expect from a show by an author, but he was hysterically funny, reading some new stories and from his diary and we all had a great time.

My husband has been away skiing with his brother since Thursday morning, so not having him around changed the dynamic a little bit. It allows me the freedom to do things like make homemade beignets with sausage and bacon for dinner on Saturday night, which we ate while watching a movie.

While I was busy making the beignets and cooking the rest of dinner I was also trying to help the kids with our “Collage” art class. I think they found the concept of collage a bit more challenging to the mind than some of our other art classes. I know I found it challenging myself. I’ve been working on my collage for a few days now and find that I keep going back to it with different ideas. The fun part about collage though is that’s exactly what it’s all about – layers. It was another successful art class.

I’ve been working on turning some of my photographs into collage postcards, cards, and framed pieces. This has been a lot of fun and another one of those things that I find myself coming back to with different ideas and concepts.

This morning Evan discovered why my egg count has been down this past week – we’ve got hoarders under the chicken coop!

The chickens have been stockpiling the eggs – probably for a broody chicken to sit on once they had a full clutch of them. They were oh so sneaky though for small-brained birds and laid them under the coop. As we were inspecting this little hoarding stockpile I looked further back underneath the coop and there was one of my little bantams sitting on eggs! Another hoarder! It’s so sad to me that they don’t understand that without a rooster their eggs will never hatch. Evan took two bantam eggs out of the incubator I’ve got going right now and tried to add them to her eggs, but she didn’t stay on them. She may not have even been doing anything more than adding to another clutch under there.

I’m mentoring a girl for a high school project and we worked this afternoon for a few hours. We are making an outfit our of recycled and repurposed materials. An under-shirt of duct tape with an over-shirt of large paperclips together with a skirt of pink and clear bubble wrap. We’ve even made wooden shoes with leather straps from a suede hat I bought off eBay. I cannot wait to show you the finished product. It’s not anything fit for Project Runway or anything, but it’s been a really fun project for me and Claire to work on. Something to get excited about.

This afternoon I also managed to put together a new recipe of chicken scarpariello which was my dinner tonight and will be everyone’s dinner tomorrow.

I’ll end tonight by showing you how quickly the chicks are growing. They are already getting their wing feathers!

The point I’m trying to make here is that I’ve got lots of things to show you. Hopefully this week I can stop doing for a day or two so I can show you all of these things in more detail. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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