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This entire week has been a comedy of errors. I guess that would be the right word for it.

First there was the pregnant goat who turned out to not be pregnant, just very very fat. Let’s not even get into all the time, energy and lost sleep over the kids that will never arrive.

Thursday my son, who will hereafter be referred to as “the Knucklehead”, decided with his friend that it would be a good idea to rub poison ivy all over their faces. His friend told him (the Knucklehead claims) that it was a good way to get out of going to school). Brilliant, huh?

Saturday was my sister’s 50th birthday. She was having the party up at her weekend place in Stafford Springs, CT, which is about a 2 hours drive from me. I ended up spending the entire time worrying about Evan, who was clearly miserable and suffering greatly, and finally ended up taking him, in the middle of the party, to the local emergency room. They wouldn’t give him a shot of steroids there for some reason; claimed “they didn’t do that”, which is what his friend, Knucklehead II, had to get that morning at his doctor’s, only to be sent away from the ER with a prescription for steroid pills and arrive at the local pharmacy 3 minutes after it closed for the day. Two hours later we returned to the party in time to grab the leftovers of dinner, and I missed an opportunity to get to know a bunch of my sisters’ friends that I hear about all the time.

Evan thought it would be a good idea to rub poison Ivy all over his face

This is what Evan normally looks like.

I spent my night and into the wee hours of this morning straining the honey I harvested on Thursday and washing and cleaning the wax, only to discover in the end that the honey had a smokey flavor from smoking the hive. Who knew you could smoke honey?? I suppose it might have some uses for a savory dish of some sort, but it’s certainly not what you expect from a spoon full of honey.

Smoked Honey Anyone?

And I am ending my night – please note the time of this posting – beginning to make the 100 sugar cookies that I’ve promised my twins for their 11th birthday celebrations in their classrooms on Tuesday. I’ve only gotten half of them done tonight. In the morning I will finish the baking and spend the rest of the day decorating them. How oh how do I get myself into these things.

Birthday Sugar Cookie Mustaches


  1. i’m slackjawed at Evan… and also amazed he didn’t get blistery and pussy! I walk within feet of it and break out. So is he home today??

    • No he is not. I certainly hope the ‘blistery and pussy’ part isn’t yet to come. I’ve really had enough of it already. Him staying (or being sent) home will add another layer to this.

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