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Welcome to Gunnison

This sign greeted us as we drove into the town of Gunnison, Mississippi. So optimistic and full of hope....

We drove from Ruston, Louisisana to Clarksdale, Mississippi today, passing through Arkansas along the way. We didn’t see anything extraordinary today. I took a lot of pictures. What we did see made us feel like crying sometimes. Like this town of Gunnison, Mississippi.

Gunnison's elementary school. I sure hope they bus the kids to some other elementary school, because they sure aren't using this one anymore.

The back half of this trailer got smashed by an enormous tree, and there it stays. I sure hope nobody was sleeping in it when it happened.

Another shot of the same trailer.

Much of the town looked like this.

This house was in pretty good shape compared to some of the houses in town.

Is this a guest house?

A row of houses along the road.

Pulling into The Shack Up Inn a couple towns up in Clarksdale, we felt fortunate to be staying in our old sharecroper’s shack that actually had heat and hot water. It was almost dark when we got here, so I’ll take plenty of pictures tomorrow.

Our Cabin, The Legends, at The Shack Up Inn.

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