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Sometimes You Need to Take a Break

I didn’t intend to take a 2-day break from blogging. But sometimes you do just need a break. You wonder why you do it. Is anybody actually reading it? It takes so much time. I went to bed at 8:30 Friday night and slept until 9:00 Saturday morning. I was just tired. I constantly push myself and every few months I just hit the wall and have to go to bed and recharge the batteries. But I really didn’t take the weekend off because of those things. I was just busy with life. Kids. House. Animals. Projects. Cooking. Getting a post up meant going to bed at 2 a.m. rather than midnight, and  I can’t afford to get back into that habit.

I took an all-day drive on Friday to Massachusetts and was back before the bus came. It was too brief of a visit to my favorite part of Connecticut as it flew by my windshield. I did stop to see one piece of land for sale I’ve had my eye on – 78 beautiful acres of cleared pastureland. It was even better than I expected. Can’t you just see me out on my tractor there? Goats and chickens happily roaming? Add a few horses, a cow, and of course a diva llama and I’d be all set.

78 Acres of Pastureland For Sale in Upstate CT

So I’ll be back to blogging the good stuff tomorrow. I’ve got lots to show you.


  1. Keep posting. And blogging. And doing everything you’re doing. I love seeing everything you do… in person and on the screen. Paige is happily knitting away on her next project… the sage green wool is going to be a hat. You inspire us every day.

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