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Hearne, TX to Ruston, LA • Day Three

I’m not sure If I’ve got all of the route exactly correct, but this is the approximate route we have taken so far; Sunday through Monday night. We’ve driven approximately 536 miles so far.

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It’s pretty late and I’ve got bad internet at the hotel we’re in, so I’m just going to post a quick update on the trip today. We drove from Hearne, Texas, to Ruston, Luoisiana, today. It was a really beautiful drive, although the weather continues to be rainy. It was a fairly persistent misting type of rain today, and varied constantly from barely raining at all to misting quite heavily. All in all though it didn’t interfere with anything, and actually provided a pretty light and atmosphere for the photos today. It would be nice to see the sun sometimes soon though.

We saw so many vultures today! This group was roosting in a dead tree by the side of the road.

We were on the road by 8:30 this morning, and although we did a lot of driving today, we saw a lot of beautiful things. The weather, again, did not cooperate, and you can see that in the photos they all seem to have a grey gloom hanging over them. But once again we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying the journey. The Texas countryside we drove today from Hearne to the border of Louisiana, was absolutely beautiful. Rolling green hills (thanks to the recent rains) and fall foliage-colored leaves.

Look at all the colors!

We saw plenty of cows today enjoying the fresh green grass.

And plenty of abandoned houses and barns.

Factory farms dotted the countryside.

Crossing the Toledo Bend Reservoir was breathtaking (see my Photo of the Day for more).

The town of Natchitoches, Louisiana was beautiful. A quaint main street and historic downtown area with beautiful southern homes in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Huge trees form a canopy over this street along the riverbank.

Tomorrow should be a great day. We only have 214 miles to drive tomorrow to get to Clarksdale, Mississippi; our final destination for the day. There we have reservations at The Shack Up Inn to stay in their luxurious Legends Shack. I’m so excited!

Shack Row at the Shack Up Inn

We have the Legends Shack reserved for tomorrow night.

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