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Every Town Needs a Little Trailer Trash

I live in a nice town. It’s what people refer to as a “commuting suburb”, as many of the men in this town (and some of the women) commute on the train into Manhattan for work (it’s about a 53 minute train ride to New York City.) People have nice houses. They drive nice cars. They wear nice clothes. The movie The Stepford Wives was filmed in the next town.

Stickers like this are extremely popular on the rear of cars around here.

If the people are feeling adventurous they might add a pet sticker.

And dog stickers are popular, often a Labrador Retriever.

These Nantucket, Massachusetts, stickers are popular, often multiple stickers are displayed to show how many years you have spent there.

And then there’s the back of my car.

I would just like to point out that dent on the right was caused by my husband backing up into a tree last August. He promised to promptly fix it. This photo was taken 2 weeks ago.

I don’t know when I decided to become one of those crazy bumper sticker people. I don’t think it was a conscious decision. I just realized it was a way for me to speak my mind and not actually have to talk to people.

I’d picked up some new stickers in my travels over the last 6 months so I decided I would take a few off that I’d never fallen in love with and change things up. At the same time I could cover up that stupid un-repaired dent.

I love the back of my car. I love being able to say what’s important to me. I get a lot of friendly comments about my stickers and have had many a fine conversation with strangers about them that start chatting with me. I’ve had people stop to ask me specific questions about chickens and bees that I am more than happy to answer. And a lot of people love one of my favorite quotes “Well behaved women rarely make history.”

I’ve heard there’s some new craft machine out that you can make your own custom car decals with. I was thinking about getting one and cutting out 4 goats, 56 chickens, a couple of thousand bees and a dog and sticking them all over the back window just for laughs.


  1. kimberly oneill says:

    What happened to “HANGIN WITH MY PEEPS”
    Wasn’t that part of your bumper collection?!


  2. ya! what happened to Hangin with my peeps!! I think that would be so funny if you did the farm animal sticker thing. You could run the chicken decals all the way around the car! LOL!

  3. Hi, never commented here before, is it too late for this post? LOVE your bumper stickers. Once my children are out of the house (my son is a senior in high school, daughter is a senior in college living at home) I would like 2 bumper sticker: “Mean People Suck!” and “I was a vegetarian before it was cool.” I’m trying not to embarass my kids so I’m waiting…hahaha

    • I totally understand. Luckily my younger kids are too young to “care what their friends think” and the oldest is over all of that, thank God.

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