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Cleaning Out the Crap and Other Things

My friend Cyrena and I spent 8 hours this week cleaning out my attic. We’ve got a great walk-up attic here and over the past 15 years it has collected 6 people’s outgrown clothes, unused lamps, furniture, books and other miscellaneous crap. You could barely walk up there anymore and it was time to do something about it. I was ruthless. This photo doesn’t even show everything I’ve taken out of there, and I’m still not done. It was a good feeling.

Today they got the porch roof completed and the small roof over the entry door completed. I am just loving the look of that back porch. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the windows arrive tomorrow. I swear I’m moving out there when it’s done.

My bee guy, Mike Paoletto from Paoletto Farms came down today to help me with a hive inspection. I need to take some of the brood comb and start a new colony, but after evaluating it and doing some cleanup of wayward comb we decided it needed to wait another 3-4 weeks to do it. At that time I’ll be able to get the hive I built this winter started and I’m excited about that. I’ll post more about the bees and the honey harvest soon.

And finally I’m off early in the morning for a vet appointment with Cissy and Melina to try and figure out what is going on. Melina has now made it 2 full days past her due date. I spoke to the breeder I bought them from today and she has never had a nigerian dwarf go past 150 days. That got me a little panicked. That and the fact that besides lounging around all day she shows no signs of going into labor. There are too many possibilities, most of them bad, to explain why she hasn’t had the kid yet. The simplest one would be that she simply isn’t pregnant. It’s hard to imagine why she’s so far though! I’ll know more in the morning.

Cissy is indulging in her pregnancy cravings and tries a popsicle.

This is how sick Melina is of being pregnant, or fat, depending which it turns out to be.

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