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Can I Have 48 Hours in a Day Please?

Can somebody please add another 24 hours to the daily clock? I simply can’t get it all done in the time allotted in a mere 24 hours.

And I don’t know where you might live when you read this, but if you’re in Connecticut like I am, can somebody please explain to me what the hell happened to the weather pattern this year? We barely recover from a storm when another one hits.

I feel like my children have been on vacation since December 18th with an occasional day of school thrown in here and there. Truly. Even the kids are starting to dread having another snow day! Of course my mood might have something to do with that – another day home with Mom who’s grumpy because school was cancelled (again) and stressed (because I’m not nearly as productive with three of them around than I am without them) and I have so much to do.

This is what I feel like at the end of every day. This photo, however, was taken several years ago when I was on a cattle roundup in New Mexico. Now rounding up cattle is hard work. This particular day we were rounding up horses, which is even harder that cattle because you work cows slowly with occasional dashes to gather one trying to break away from the herd. Horses run full tilt every which way. I don't think I'd ever worked so hard or had as much fun as I did that day, but man, was I tired.

Now my real job is a being a full-time mom. That’s what I consider my ‘primary’ job to be. However, I have a very full and busy life when my kids are in school doing the things that make me happy, which allows me to be a good and happy mom looking forward to being with my children at the end of every day.

The bloom is off the rose on that one for sure right now.

My therapist said a few weeks ago that “creative thoughts explode like popcorn in my head” and I can’t control it. It’s who I am. On any given day I think of at least one new thing I want to try – some idea for something; whether it be to cook or to create. Some days I think of three or four new things. It’s part of my scanner personality I guess.

The one highlight of my day today though was being interviewed by Niman Ranch. They had sent out a survey to people that had bought their products online, and I was chosen to be a part of the survey. I pursued the woman in charge of the scheduling though as I not only am a big fan of Niman Ranch and their philosophy’s and food, but thought I might actually have something to add that may be worthwhile because fair and humane farming is something that I feel so strongly about. Bill Niman is one of the ‘founding father’s’ of the fair and humane farming movement. They were primarily trying to figure out how to best get their food and philosophy “out there” to the general public. I don’t know whether anything I said was worthwhile to them in the least, but we had an interesting and lively discussion and feel every small step we can take to educate consumers about this the closer we’ll be to a healthier life with happier animals.

Hopefully tomorrow will be be a better day. It’s not looking good though. I can hear the rain/sleep pelting the windows as I write this (at 1:50 a.m.) and they’re saying it could be a pretty major ice storm by morning.

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