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Beautiful Wyoming

After a successful camp drop-off on Tuesday depositing India for her third year and Maia for her first year at Teton Valley Ranch Camp in Dubois, I finally have a little bit of private time with my son, Evan, after he’s just completed his second year there. Evan loves being with me, and at home he’s my big farm and garden helper. Yesterday we spent several hours driving up through Teton National Park, Kelly, and Mormon Row taking photographs. He’s extremely patient with me while I constantly stop the truck to get another shot.

Yesterday we came across many wonderful things, and I’ll show you just a few.

A magpie skipping along a fencpost

A Beautiful horse and her newborn foal

This was either a Yellow Warbler or a Common Yellowthroat

A Bird hitching a ride on a horse's back on Mormon Row

Beautiful Wyoming wildflowers blooming along a fence

The splendor of Jenny Lake

A Wyoming Bluebird Sky

Today as evening was falling we went up through Teton National Park, the entrance to which is maybe a mile from our house here. On our way through heading to moose we saw a beaver dam. I did see a beaver swimming along in the water, but couldn’t focus quickly enough before he dove under.

A Beaver Dam

There was also a female moose taking a rest in a bush next to the beaver dam, but she would not cooperate for a photo.

We headed up to Lost Creek Ranch and got a few more photos.

A Bluebird on a fencepost

The wildflowers are spectacular right now

A bird on a roof

Sun going down on the Tetons

As we were heading home the sun dipped just below the Teton range

Luckily though on the way back home not far from where we’d seen the female, this glorious buck was having his evening meal.

It’s hard not to be awed by the beauty surrounding you here.


  1. I could jump right into Jenny lake right about now with this 100 degree weather we are having here back in CT!

  2. I have lived in Idaho for almost 18 years now. I never tire of the beauty that surrounds me. I am in continuous awe and appreciation of the place I call home. I can see you feel the same about beautiful Wyoming.

    Susan and Bentley

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