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Badlands National Park

I’m sitting here in my motel room in Emmitsburg, Pennsylvania, working on some posts. I pick up my new baby goat in the morning and I am very excited about that. I had a long day and did a lot of driving.

I was looking through my photos on my laptop, hoping that I had downloaded a few of the particular photos I need for a long-overdue post I’ve been thinking about. I didn’t find them. I did, however, come across the photos from the Crafty Farm Sister’s Great Plains Road Trip last May. Almost a year ago. What a fun trip with my sister.

I haven’t finished the post I’m working on, but I thought I’d just share these two great photos with you.

If you ever get a chance, do go visit the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Our night there will forever go down as the most memorable camping spot I’ve ever been to. Stunning. And Eleanor was sparkly and newly restored.

The Crafty Farm Sisters' Great Plains Road Trip, May, 2010. That's Bessy (the truck), and Eleanor (the camper)

A Breathtaking Sunset n the Badlands


  1. I miss you! Thanks for the posts. Makes me feel like you’re not that far away. Was hoping you had seen the goat, but will have to wait for tomorrow. How fun. Do you have a name yet?

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