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Austin to Hearne, Texas • Day Two

I told you I’d find Beyonce. This one was HUGE. I didn’t find her at the place I’d been to in March as we didn’t end up going that route. It was the late afternoon and starting to get dark, and there she was, like a beacon of light on a dreary day.

Me & Beyonce.

I may have bought myself one that is slightly smaller. I’ll try to get a picture of her tomorrow to show you. And maybe a skinny pig too to keep her company on the drive. It’s possible that I may have to strap her to the roof, but so far she’s laying down in the back of the minivan.

It’s late and I’m tired, but I’ll try to summarize my day for you.

I think I have to move to Austin, or at least get Amanda to move there. It was possibly the coolest city I’ve ever been to. Friendly people, amazing neighborhoods, shopping, grocery stores, easy to get around, hip, progressive, and more words that I can’t think of right now. What’s striking is how many independently owned stores there are. I think we saw one McDonald’s in town, no Dunkin Donuts, just a lot of cute small stores with a town that clearly supports them. We’ve probably also gone into 5 grocery stores in one day. We can’t help it; we love grocery stores. There are big amazing ones, there are small independent ones that are great, and there’s a co-op. A foodie paradise.

We started the morning at Gourdough’s; Big. Fat. Donuts. Although we read it can get really crowded and the wait can be very long, because it was raining and pretty early on a Sunday morning we were thrilled to be only one of 2 people there. Right next to it was a Farm to Trailer food trailer. Really? I told you I have to move here.

Lisa got The Hangover (top) and I got the Mother Clucker. I said light on the sauce and he didn't give me any 🙁

We went to this store today called Treehouse. I believe I read something about it being the first of it’s kind, but it was a store entirely dedicated to green living and green construction.

I think I need to put these on a wall in Jackson. Wall Flats are modern embossed three-dimensional wall tile made from 100% bamboo pulp.

We went to Whole Earth Provisions, which I’d discovered in March. What a cool store. Shopping there is kind of like looking through the Whole Earth Catalog used to be like when I was a child. Something for everyone. By the time we got out of there (and checked out the grocery store next door), it was past 1:00 and we knew we had to get on the road. Off we went to have lunch at The Salt Lick. Rumored to be the best barbecue in Texas.

Then we headed towards the Hamilton Pool Preserve. Weren’t we disappointed to find this one the gate when we arrived.

Since they were closed, and I’d discovered that the store Red in Fredericksburg was closed on Sunday’s as well, we decided not to go over an hour off our route to Fredericksburg, and instead headed on the route that would get us closer to our next destination faster.

I am falling asleep here. You’ve got the basics of what we did today. We made it tonight to Hearne, Texas, and will be up bright and early tomorrow to continue the journey.

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