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A Day in Manhattan

The Chrysler Building at Sunset.

Around noon yesterday my husband and I went into New York City for the night. He had bought tickets for us to see the Broadway hit show The Book of Mormon as a Mother’s Day gift, and we had tickets for the 2:00 show. After dropping our bags at the hotel, we arrived at the theatre with about 1 minute to spare before the show started.

This show was hysterically funny. I’m no theatre critic, but if you haven’t yet seen this show you should try and figure out a way to.

So, being done with the theatre around 5:15 or so, we had a whole night and until early afternoon today to do other things.

We somehow managed to snag a table (at the window no less) in the roomy bar of Danny Meyer’s Maialino. The food was outstanding, and I have to say that I give huge props to any restaurant that has a few specialty non-alcoholic drinks on their menu, and there were 3 here, all delicious-sounding. I went with the Bergamo Cooler, which was sanbitter soda (whatever that is), grapefruit soda and an orange peel twist. Really yummy.

Then we walked around Manhattan. I dragged Jim into Sephora so I could pick up a few necessary beauty items. We walked around Gramercy Park and admired the beautiful brownstones surrounding the private park.

The imposing entrance of a Gramercy Park brownstone.

I absolutely loved these large framed sketches of dogs in the window of one store.

I've tossed back a few in the old days at this place. It looks exactly the same as it did years ago/

And it doesn't seem to matter what time of day or night you see The Shake Shack, there is always a line of people waiting to eat there.

In the Flatiron district we went into a brand new store called Beecher’s, which started in Seattle and has only recently opened in New York. They actually make their own cheeses right there in the building, and carry them, along with a huge variety of other cheeses in the store/cafe there. Downstairs there is a restaurant and bar called The Cellar. The store had just closed for the night, but I will certainly be going back there to sample their cheeses soon.

We ended at Eataly, Mario Batali’s amazing gourmet store/restaurant . I’ve been there before, but this time I was armed with more than my iPhone camera.

There's beautiful produce.

Pumpkin and gourds for fall.

Eataly has dairy products from I think every milk-producing animal on the planet, including this lovely old-style glass bottle of milk from Ronnybrook Farm in Ancramdale, New York. Someday I want to put my own cow's milk in bottles like these.

Eataly has olive oils in staggering numbers.

I loved the packaging of these dried beans.

Everything there is so beautiful.

Although it’s always been extremely crowded when I’ve been there, it’s definitely someplace worth visiting if you’re any kind of a foodie.

We went to the Museum of Modern Art today, but that’s for another post.

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