Peach Picking

A peach tree bursting with ripe fruit.

This past Saturday was my last day to spend with Amanda before I had to leave for Wyoming to go pick up India and Maia from camp. She would be gone for Kentucky and her fall semester before I returned. We decided to go peach picking up in Glastonbury. While I probably could have found somewhere closer, by driving a little further I would be able to kill 3 birds with one stone. We could pick peaches at Belltown Hill Orchards, go see examples of Country Carpenter’s post and beam barns at their location in Hebron, and swing by the Lebanon County Fair to see if there were any cool chickens that needed a new home.

Now I’ve been picking up in this area before, and I think I even picked some fruit or another at this particular farm maybe two years ago, but I have to tell you that on this particular day this was one impressive farm. They had all different kinds of apples and pears for picking, they had beautiful plums, nectaries and peaches to pick, and they even had blueberries and blackberries too. Already past season were cherries, and pumpkins would come later in the fall.

Bartless & Bosc pears.

And while we didn’t arrive until probably 11:30 and it was quite crowded, it was a big enough place that you didn’t feel like you were fighting other people for the good fruits.

It took the three of us about a half an hour to pick 35 pounds of peaches.

We’d planned on picking nectarines, too, but couldn’t carry any more!

Now I’m just praying that they won’t over-ripen in the refrigerator before I can get home from Wyoming and can them up on Friday!