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Spectacular Longhorn

I'm down in Austin with Jim for a rare long weekend alone together. This morning we went to Country Living's 1st annual Austin Fair. They had two longhorn steer in a round pen, but this one in the photo was the most spectacular looking steer I have ever seen. He was not too happy about his current living conditions though, and if you got close enough to the fence, he would tap his horn on the ground, paw the ground and charge the fence. As we were leaving we couldn't help but notice they were putting an extra barrier up to protect the public.


  1. YOU WERE AT THE COUNTRY LIVING FAIR THIS WEEKEND?????? So was I!! Phooey! If I’d have known that I would have found a way to meet you. I was there on Saturday and loved every bit of it. Especially listening to Brent Ridge of the Fabulous Beekman Boys. What things did you attend?

    • Darn it Leilani, I was so crazy getting ready to go and with everything that’s been going on these past few weeks I didn’t even think to get in touch with you to figure out how far Clyde, Texas was from Austin! I was only there on Friday morning from 8 AM until 11:30 when we quietly slipped out. I didn’t see any presentations. I’ve met Brent before – LOVE the Beekman Boys. Josh wasn’t there? They are so funny when they talk together. I loved some of the stuff there – some great industrial pieces. If I’d had a big ‘ol truck I would have come home with tons of it. I’m sorry I missed you though!

      • Well, if you were there on Friday I would have missed you anyway. What all did you do in Austin? (Clyde is only 4 hours away. I say “only” cuz it takes at least 3 hours to get anywhere in Texas.) On Friday I went to Whole Foods on 6th Street and nearly passed out from exhilaration. BIG sigh!! Hope you had a nice time away.

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