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Paper Mill

We drove through a town in Arkansas that had the most enormous paper mill I'd ever seen in it. My husband's father ran paper mills his whole life, and the family camp house in Maine is in a paper mill town. When the wind is blowing towards the house, the smell is almost unbearable.


  1. Your husband says:

    I suspect this was the Camden or Pine Bluff mills both of which Dad was responsible for when he was responsible for all the White Paper Mills in the USA later in his career. Much of the paper industry has moved South because 1. People have moved South so paper demand is greater there and 2) labor is cheaper and 3) most importantly the trees grow faster!

  2. The paper mills that emit a horrible smell must truly be ANCIENT technology that uses sulfur and other harsh bleaching chemicals. Our paper mill in Grand Rapids, MN is old, but employs modern technology that is environmentally friendly. In the 1930s, our mill invented the double-coated paper technology that revolutionized color printing around the world. Today, we continue to be a vital industry that leads in technology and supplies high-quality coated paper to the world.

    • Wow. This one stunk to high heaven! It was enormous. And the one in Maine where my husband’s families camp house still is obviously isn’t updated either, but that one is barely functioning at all these days – probably because it’s so out of date.

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