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Mutton Busting

Start 'em early. That's the way it is out west. One of my favorite rodeo events at the big summer rodeo in Jackson is Mutton Busting where kids ride sheep. Evan wanted to do it two years ago and at 8 he was already too old - by then they're riding young bulls. See below regarding that.

They take their bull riding and bronc busting seriously out west. Like I said above, at the local rodeo you see tiny little kids (boys and girls) in full cowboy outfits being plopped down on sheep and shot out of the chute to do mutton busting. Some of the poor little buggers are crying their eyes out in fear before it even starts, and that’s kind of mean and sad. By the time they’re 8 they’ve advanced to young steers and I imagine by the time they’re 16 they’re riding the real deal – mean, unbroke, raised-for-bucking bulls or broncs. My friend Randy was a bronc busting cowboy for many years and long trail rides aren’t possible for him anymore from all the broken bones and injuries he’s sustained.

However, that didn’t stop me from slapping my young boy on a young steer with Randy’s help these past two summers. Unfortunately I don’t have video of the first year’s ride, which was pretty good. For his birthday this past year I got him a rodeo protective vest and a used hockey helmet on eBay (trying to be at least a little safe here). If you’re looking for a good chuckle you can check out the video of the two rides from this summer. The chatter in the background is me and my daughters Amanda and Maia. The uncontrollable laughter is me. I still laugh out loud when I watch it. Except maybe in the second one when he gets kinda trompled. Does that make me a bad mom? Hey, he was smiling when it was over.

My video capabilities leave much to be desired in comparison to my photographic capabilities.

Evan Rides a Yearling Bull #1

Evan Rides a Yearling Bull #2 – Lyle Lovett we called him – the nastiest cow at the ranch this past summer with a curly hairdo that made him look like Lyle Lovett.

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