For Shits & Giggles

Shits & Giggles is a phrase that my friend Cyrena taught me. It means the same thing as ‘for kicks’ or ‘for the heck of it’, but I just like it better.

Recently somebody told Amanda (my oldest daughter) that they expected visiting our house for the first time would be something like visiting the Weasley burrow in Harry Potter. I had to admit that was probably a pretty accurate guess. We’re a strange bunch, and our humor is definitely off. Here are some things that make me and the rest of my family chuckle.

Anyone older than 40 will probably be able to relate to this hysterical video about age related attention deficit disorder. Something that I suffer from severely.

Evan just told me about this new BBC video “My Blackberry is Not Working“. I thought this deserved to be in the Shits & Giggles section.

If you haven’t yet met Marcel the Shell with Shoes On then here’s your chance. I love her. I want her to come live with me.

I’ve got an iPhone and while I love my phone, I find the texting on it difficult with that keyboard. Also, it’s constantly changing the words I’m trying to type into other words. I’m not a big texter, but I do it mostly with Amanda, my college daughter. I’ve sent her some doozies over the last 3 years, but she sent me this site,, which will make you laugh out loud at some of the texts parents and kids have with each other. I find myself checking it almost daily just for a quick chuckle. My husband doesn’t understand it all and why we think it’s funny, but he rarely texts.

This is a british video called Animals with a Sense of Humor that will make you laugh out loud.

For a quick laugh watch this video of a momma duck and her ducklings walking along in a windstorm. They must be in South Dakota – the windiest place we were at on the Crafty Farm Girls’ Summer Road Trip.

This video of a mom singing a song about all the things a mom says to her children in a day to the tune of the William Tell Overture has been around here for years, but my daughter India found it for the first time recently and it reminded me of how funny (and true) it is. If you’ve seen it before you may enjoy it again, if you haven’t seen it before you will certainly enjoy it.