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While I Was Away

The chickens have taken a liking to the new goat house. I found this egg laid right on the floor of the a goat stall this morning.

Since I was only gone to Atlanta from 2:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon until midnight Saturday night, the workers only had a few more hours on Thursday and Friday to make more progress, but progress they did make.

The small window has now been installed in-between the goat stall doors.

Inside the walls are up in both goat stalls and in the smaller one (where Cissy will have her kid this week), they’ve finished installing the plastic material that will make the walls washable and easy to keep clean.

The wood is up in the big stall but the plastic material isn't yet.

The plastic material over the wood walls makes everything washable and easy to clean.

Every day I find at least one egg laid in the new corner hayracks, and often find one laid right on the floor. Today I bought some birch-covered plywood to make some nesting boxes I can put in there and encourage them to lay in them instead.

An egg laid in the hayrack.

Once again we have a pretty crappy weather forecast for this week. Hopefully we won’t have the steady rains we had the first three days of last week and we’ll see some siding and roofing go on outside. Even if there is rain there is finish work to be done inside on the walls, floor, window and door trim.

With Cissy due to kid this week, I’ve got another week of waiting and watching. Saturday will be day 150, but I’ve learned that Nigerian Dwarf’s most often kid between day 145 and 150, so I’m on high alert as of tomorrow for signs of labor.


  1. oh the waaaiiiiting is the hardest part…

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