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Well, That’s A Whole Lot Better

I told you it was going to drive me crazy until I had it fixed. Today I finished it – the Farm Stand sign the way it should have been built the first time. One that actually covers the lemonade sign behind it!

It wasn’t really that hard to fix. I added a piece of plywood to the back and connected it with little hardwood tabs just as a precaution. This process would have been a lot more difficult to do if I didn’t have some overlap on the siding from the sign to drill the plywood onto.

I had to drill another whole through the sign as an additional hanging point. It’s a heavy sign, and I wanted it secured in 3 spots. I had this big metal rooster that I’d picked up at Home Goods not too long ago. I’d planned on hanging on the exterior of the new chicken coop, but to offset the now-not-centered Crafty Farm Girl logo, I thought this rooster was perfect. I love that he hangs slightly off of the board to add a little dimension to the sign. I reattached the weathervane and birdhouses and tad-da!

NOW I love the way it looks.

The girls got a new set of nesting boxes this weekend! I added a “second floor” to their existing nesting box. They were pretty excited about it and laying like crazy in the new boxes today.

Here’s my fat, pregnant goats running to me in the hopes that I might have a little treat for them.

And the chickens wish that the weather would get just a little bit warmer so the bugs are more plentiful.


  1. 1. it looks like the sign was meant to look like that all along
    2. maybe now the chickens won’t roost at an angle on the top of the “first floor” which is now the “second floor”
    3. I wish it would warm up a bit more too…

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