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Turbo Rocket Boosters

Remember those rocket boosters I though the goats had in their feet the other day? I think Grace had the turbo upgrade installed. She actually managed to jump onto the kitchen counter today. It was bottle time and they were so hungry I let them in while I made them. She’s come close to getting up there over the past few days, but all of a sudden, there she was.

Grace jumped onto my 36" high kitchen counter today trying to get her bottle!

And my little Kiki wanted to take Jim’s scooter out for a spin, but Melina was scolding her for not wearing a helmet.

The live-edge siding has been installed all around the goat house and chicken coop now and it looks terrific.

Maia took these barn photos for me since I had to run out and the light was fading. She forgot to take the front of the chicken coop, which looks so great with the siding, the nesting boxes and the chicken ramp all together. I think the decking will be installed next.

And look at the old chicken coop! It got a facelift today. Jim was grumbling about me getting rid of it, but it’s a perfectly good building that just is looking a little tired. I was hoping to keep it as my new “brooder” coop for young chicks and get rid of that lousy red one I got a few years back. I decided that if we just fixed it up so that it looked more like the new structures, it would all look like some big farm ‘compound’. The windows boxes that used to be under the front windows have, over the years, rotted the siding underneath the windows pretty badly. I also tore off the front porch railings that had had so many tree branches fall on them over the years they were a complete ugly mess. They’ll also replace the old decking boards with the same decking material to match the other barns.

The old chicken coop got a facelift!

Just another day on the farm.

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