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They Hate it When I Leave Them

When I’ve been away for most of the day, this is the sight that I come home to. Four very lonely, attention-starved goats and a flock of hungry chickens.

I decided to take the twins up to Kent, Connecticut, for a day trip today. Mostly to give us something different to do and to enjoy the beautiful weather on one of the last summer days before school starts. We had planned on doing it earlier in the week, but Hurricane Irene had many of the roads closed we would have needed to travel on until now.

We actually had several missions to accomplish while up there. First and foremost, I got a cow!

Unfortunately it’s not a real cow. I’m still working on that. But it’s a very cool cow that I’d seen the last time we were up there. I was glad she was still waiting for me. She’s now standing by my back door and seems quite content at her new home.

Our second mission while up there was to get the brother to my daughter, Maia’s, beloved stuffed animal that she had gotten last time we were there. Thankfully he, too, was still there waiting for us.

We bought Luigi today (left), who is brother to Ramone (center), and the unicorn's name is Charles.

While we were gone today the carpenter’s got the gutters hung on the goat house and chicken coop and hooked them up to the rain barrels. Now we’ll have fresh rainwater collected for garden watering every time it rains. Between the solar fans, solar lights and rain barrels, this has simply got to be the most eco-friendly chicken coop on the planet.

And King Strut put on a crowing performance for us tonight that had us cringing. Not that we minded the noise, but I know it’s just a matter of time before one neighbor or another complains.

And when I’ve been gone most of the day, the goats all need some concentrated loving time to make up for what they’ve missed during the day. Evan grumpy Melina needs affection.

Grace is a complete affection hog.

And she's pushy when she doesn't get her way!

I stopped at the Agway up in New Milford on the way up to Kent. Since there aren’t any near where I live, whenever I see one in my travels I stop and stock up on supplies. I bought this Omega Ultra Egg supplement for the chickens. I can’t imagine their eggs getting any healthier than they already are quite frankly, but I thought I’d give it a try and see if I notice a difference.

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