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The Vet Comes for Farm Checkups

Nothing starts my day better than looking out the window and seeing my grumpy Melina tenderly playing with one of the babies.

I had my vet scheduled to come to the farm today for checkups on all of the goats. Wanting to make a good first impression, I spent some time this morning cleaning up the “human” part of the goat house and finally assembling my milking stand that I never ended up needing this spring.

Two young female vets came that I had never met before, and they were very nice. Everyone was due for their vaccines and rabies shots, and while they were here we trimmed hooves and wormed them all.

Do you have any food?

While all of them loved having one-on-one attention from me, none liked any of the uncomfortable things very much. Kiki was very upset about the shots, and Melina was pretty much upset about everything being done to her. Surprisingly, Princess Kate, who is normally the most shy one, was the calmest through the whole procedure. She would have happily stayed slung over my legs, as she was for the hoof trimming, longer.

Afterwards, Kiki was clearly exhausted from the trauma of her shots. She didn’t do a whole lot of moving this afternoon, but seemed to be feeling perkier by dinnertime.

Kiki sound asleep in the bushes.

This chicken, who has been broody in the doghouse for a few weeks (often not even on an egg), has finally given up. Every night I would have to drag her out of the doghouse and stick her in a coop for the night so she wouldn't get eaten by a fox. In the morning she's go right back into the doghouse.

Look at how beautiful this Welsummer adolescent hen is turning out.

Princess Kate is enjoying all of the fall leaves coming down. Look at the peanut gallery in the background.

I bought this yellow treat ball that you fill up with special chicken delights. As they roll it around the treats fall out of little holes on the sides. Of course I threw it too hard and it popped open and spilled most of it on the ground.

Which brought everyone running for some special snacks.

For a moment I thought Grace was having a seizure from her shots here.

But then I realized she was just trying to awkwardly scratch her back.

And finally I’ll show you the current condition of the chicken coops and goat house. I had them change the color scheme on the door. I like it better, but I’m still not sure I’m going to keep the grey. Now I’m thinking classic white trim on the red might be best. My painter is going to love me.

The Chicken Coop

The Goat House

Even my 20-year old coop is getting a facelift. Doesn't the classic red with white trim look better?


  1. Your husband says:

    I suspect Kate didn’t mind because the events because, being a meat goat, anything that doesn’t result in her decapitation, seems like a good day!

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