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The Sun Finally Came Out Today!

Melina & Kate chill on the old coop's porch with two chickens

After days and days of rain the sun unexpectedly came out today and stayed out most of the day. Everyone on the farm was very excited.

So this is what sun feels like? I like it!

King Strut was crowing his head off with joy. Note the wide open mouth in the photo - taken mid-crow.

Melina's making faces for the camera.

Princes Kate got so hot she had to go sit in the shade for a spell.

So the chicken came over to join her.

The adolescent chicks waiting by the door anxiously for their first visit outside.

This one's trying to break out through the screened window.


Now I always get concerned when I see a concentration of feathers like this, but I did a head count and nobody appeared to be missing. Maybe there's some severe molting going on?

Now I would just like to point out the front door of the coop. I've noticed the goats seemed particularly interested in the door area of the old coop lately, as I can see them from my desk there. Later I figured out why. They must find the 18 year old seasoned wood of the coop door tasty and have decided to start eating the trim off!

Here — let me show you a close up of their handiwork.

Melina looks so innocent there, doesn't she?

This was the door on July 28th. Notice who's next to it again. Hmmm.

Ahhhh. Life on the farm. It’s never dull.


  1. OMG! literally eating you out of house and home! LOL!!

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