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The Only Thing Progressing is the Goat House

The only thing progressing around here is the goat house. The pregnancies seem to be at a standstill. Day one past due date and no kids in sight. Today I am absolutely and totally exhausted. I didn’t get enough sleep and I’ve been crazy busy all day, so I sure hope they don’t come tonight and have the decency to wait until tomorrow after I’ve gotten some sleep.

All the doors are on, the back porch is almost complete and the porch roof has been started.

I am LOVING my new goat house. The doors are all on. The “porch” off the goat pens is almost complete, and the roof over the porch has been started. I wanted the goats to have somewhere to hang even in bad weather. I may have to get a bench and hang there with them it’s so pretty. The windows are supposed to be in on Friday. I am very excited about that.

The goats spent their first night in the pen last night. I had my new monitor on and they were very quiet until about 12:30 when I went to bed and then they started rustling around a lot, which of course had me on edge then because they’d been so quiet earlier.

I have spoken to both the breeder and the woman I bought Cissy and Melina from and they said it’s not unusual for them to be up to 5 days late. Today was day one late. I don’t think I’ll make it to 5 so I hope they don’t go that long.

I’ll leave you tonight again with no babies to show you, but some hysterical photos of the chickens running towards me when they saw I had their dinner tonight. (And please excuse the dolly’s and brooms littering my driveway.)

And here come the stragglers when they see me walking into the pen. That’s Princess Kate bringing up the rear.

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