Farm Farm

The Great Tomato Hunt

I had more cherry tomatoes in my garden than I knew what to do with, so yesterday I threw them all to the chickens. They just love tomatoes. They looked like my kids in the yard on Easter morning looking for all the hidden eggs. Pay attention here, because for some reason the white chickens always seemed to find the tomatoes.

She's found one.

And now she's being chased for it.

She's frantically looking for somewhere safe to go eat her tomato!

Is there one behind this log?

I didn't name him King Strut for nothing...look at him strutting!

Everyone's looking for a tomato.

I found one!

My barred plymouth rock is still looking for one...

King Strut is too busy looking at the ladies.

And why is Melina so fat? Maybe she's been eating all the tomatoes.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA 🙂 Yeahhhhh!!! On my way home… On the acela, just pulling out of the station, said goodbye… Very sad… Got teary eyed but didn’t cry.

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