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The Goat House Construction

The construction of the new goat house and chicken coop has begun! It’s a good thing too since Thursday night I drive to Maryland to pick up my new Tennessee Fainting Goat, and Melina is due to kid on the 8th or 9th of May with Cissy following right behind being due on the 27th or 28th!

With 2 weeks to go Melina is looking really good. She's not that big, so maybe she's just going to have a single.

With 5 weeks to go Cissy's looking pretty big. Possibly twins in there. You can see her udder is getting big.

The cement foundation posts were put in last week and dried over the weekend. The chickens seemed to be enjoying wandering amongst their new foundation structures on Sunday.

And today they got the very initial framing done of the goat house. It’s not going to be as tall as those beams are, but will be cut to length when everything is properly positioned. It is being built in 3 sections that will be bolted together, as I plan on taking it with me when I get to move to my real farm one day. It’s very exciting.

And as promised, below are photos of my chicks that are now in the brooder coop. They are 25 days old here and at what I call the awkward gangly teenage stage. They’re almost completely feathered out now, but have a lot of growing to do.

My Corn Flakes Rooster, as I like to call him, is already full of attitude. Just please, Lord, don't let him be a crower!

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