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The Dogs of Mexico

One thing that’s become abundantly clear over the past week here in Mexico is that there is no such thing as a leash law here, and they don’t believe too much in neutering their animals, either. As a result, dogs roam the streets; some seemingly well cared for and just out for a stroll, and others painfully malnourished and neglected. Every restaurant seemed to have a resident dog (although not necessarily one that really belonged in or to the restaurant; just hoping to catch a scrap or two from a plate) and the waiters long ago gave up trying to fight a losing battle in trying to get rid of them. The majority of them were friendly but sad and seemed happy for a pet and a kind word or two. Really rather heartbreaking.

This sad doggie was at the Coba Mayan ruins. Painfully thin, he must live off the scraps from tourists.

This dog was also apparently living at the Coba Mayan ruins. Judging by her callused and swollen nipples, she's had more than one litter of puppies in her day. Having nursed 4 children, including twins, I could feel her pain & exhaustion.

I don't know where this mamma was hiding her pups, but clearly she had them somewhere judging by those swollen nipples.

This really old golden retriever had a good collar on, but she was just sleeping on the beach, occasionally moving to a different spot.

This chocolate lab was digging holes in the sand to lay in and keep cool.

There are lots of cats here too. They all seem to be long and lean; long legs with slender bodies, and not just because they are all skinny.

This dog was in the middle of the street and had beautiful coloring.

These two were hanging together on a street corner. Clearly they felt there was safety in numbers, as they were in a rough neighborhood.

This pretty brindle was also on the street corner a bit apart from the other two.

There's some Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog somewhere in what is clearly a long genetic line in this pooch. You can't really see it in this photo, but she'd had a litter or two of puppies too.

This Chihuahua belonged to the BBQ restaurant we ate dinner at one night. Surprisingly, we haven't seen very many Chihuahuas while here.

This adorable dog was wandering the streets of Playa del Carmen.

A pretty dark grey and white mutt wanders the streets of Tulum as the sun starts to set.

This very shy dog stood frightened in a shopfront in Tulum, them skittered away when the kids tried to call it.

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