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She’s Off to Weight Watchers

Well, it was confirmed this morning at the vets; Melina is not pregnant. She is off to Weight Watchers in the morning.

Seriously though, there is reason to believe there was a bit of a false pregnancy going on. She is huge, and I didn’t increase their feed when they got pregnant. I have mixed emotions. I’m sad she won’t be having a baby. I’m relieved there’s nothing wrong with her and she’s not in any medical emergency. I’m sad that will mean one less goat to milk and get milk from for the cheese, soap and other things I planned on trying.

Cissy &* Kate cleaning off the bottom branches of my burning bush today.

Cissy, however, does have at least one kid in there. We could see one on the x-ray, but it’s not impossible that one was hiding somewhere. My maternity watch won’t start with her until about Tuesday the 24th. I’m looking forward to getting a few good night’s sleep in the meantime.

I've got big windows and a side porch now!

The four big windows and the side porch for the entrance door were installed today. The 4 small windows will go in next week.


  1. Enough already with the goat butt!

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