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Rush Hour

I had to go to Home Depot this morning, and while I was there they had some pretty nice flowers at the gardener center. Although technically it’s a little early to plant them, our winter/spring have been so mild I figured I’d take my chances; I can cover them with a sheet if there’s a frost threat.

Since I was going to be hanging out in the yard and it was a beautiful day, I decided to let everyone out for a little free-ranging to keep me company.

This is what rush hour on my farm looks like. When I open up the gates for some free-ranging, it's pretty amusing to see them all rush out. I find the chickens particularly entertaining, because all they really have to do is jump the fence any old time they want to, but they always rush out like it

Bumper-to-bumper traffic, farm style.

Last year Melina was the only threat to the window boxes as Kate was still too short and Grace and Kiki were just babies. The middle and far right box aren’t in too much jeopardy due to the slope in the ground, but I don’t know how I’m going to keep them out of that left one.

The drive-up window.

Oh dang - there's a line at the drive-up.

As you can see by her curvaceous figure, Melina likes to try all of the fast food options available.

The finished, and nibbled, window boxes on the goat house.

I ordered these great prayer flags on Etsy to protect my bees. Since I’ve lost my entire colony two times now, I’m hoping that this will help them. I’ve got two colonies ordered that should be here soon, so I’ve got to get this one cleaned up and ready for them as well as getting the outside finish complete on the top bar hive I made last year┬áthat has a built-in viewing window. I cannot wait to get that colony going and be able to watch them in action undisturbed.

My new prayer prayer flags hanging over my bar top beehive. The new colony should be here soon.

Look how much the garden has grown since the last post!!


  1. HA! This is hilarious. What a rush hour, indeed. I want to rub those fat, little goat tummies! Lovely day on the farm…and what a lovely farm.:)

  2. GGMcMurray says:

    Lucky goats, what a fancy goat house, love the prayer bee flags.

  3. interested to see how that hydrangea i got you does this year/how it blooms!

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