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Princess Kate Ventures Out

More exciting progress was made on the goat house today. We got a roof on the entire house and we got a wall where the cabinet will go. We are anticipating rain tomorrow, so they brought home the various elements to create the cupolas for the houses; there will be two on the goat house and one on the chicken coop with solar-powered ventilation fans built into the base of the cupolas. Fancy.

We've got a roof on the goat house!

And here's the wall that will be between the cabinet and the goat pens.

This photo shows how the floor drops down into the goat pens. There will be one large 'L'-shaped pen and a small square pen should a goat need to be separated for illness or with their baby. Both pens have exterior dutch doors that will lead to the large fenced area.

And Princess Kate was screaming so loudly when I let the other goats and chickens out for their free-ranging that I finally let her out too. She was terrific and stuck with the other goats. Cissy continued to ignore her as much as she could, and Melina alternated between being the concerned mother-figure that Kate so desperately wants to chasing her around trying to bite her rump. For the most part they got along quite well today though.

She liked this large tree stump to rest on

All of the animals really enjoy being under the new goat house. While I was initially concerned with this unexpected space due to the change in grade of the land, perhaps it will turn out to be a good thing.

I couldn't see it when I was taking this picture, but Melina is blowing Princess Kate a raspberry here - clearly this was one of those moments when she was not being nice to Kate. Kate is wisely choosing to ignore this rude behavior.

Bullet says hi to Kate

The flowers are particularly lovely right now in the yard.

Some of the chickens under their favorite bush

India & Kate

Maia & Princess Kate


  1. Love seeing the pics of the girls with her. Any new fainting activity? does it increase as they grow?

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