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Moving Day for the Ladies!

While the new chicken coop is not completely finished yet, it was finally finished enough to move the ladies into it today.

As it started to get dark and they were all gathering closer to the coop, Maia and I scooped up as many as we could and put them in their new home. There were a few that I couldn’t catch, so I waited until it got dark and they were all settled into the old coop, and my friend Cyrena and I went in and plucked them one by one off their perches and put them into the new coop. With my solar light on, this is what they looked like as the last of them were settling into their new home.

Settling in on their first night in the new coop

Where are we?

I don’t expect to have a hard time transitioning the girls into this new coop. It’s so much larger and nicer than the old one. And because of it’s size, higher ceilings, and ventilating fan in the cupola, it is much cooler on a dreadfully hot day like today than the old coop is. However, I’ve gone through this enough times transitioning chicks from the brooder coop to the big coop to know what to expect: Tomorrow I’ll keep the old coop locked up. I suspect that at nightfall probably half of the girls or more will go into the new coop on their own, but the other half will fall asleep outside of the old coop because that is what they know. I’ll scoop them up and put them into the new coop, and every night there will be a few less to scoop up. In a few days they won’t even remember what the old coop was like.


  1. all the single ladies! all the single ladies! now put your hands up! wuh oh ohhh oh oh oh ohhh!!! That new coop rocks!!

  2. They are all so cute. I hope they dig their new diggs soon!

    Susan and Bentley

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