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Life on the Farm Goes On

No matter what drama is unfolding, life on a farm continues.

Construction of the chicken coop began today. While the goat house isn’t complete inside or out, it’s complete enough that they can start the coop and finish that later. I’ve got young chickens in my small coop bursting to get out and I needed that bigger coop yesterday.

The chicken coop now has a floor and two walls

The two buildings will be connected by a "silo" that will be a fully enclosed small chicken run

And this is what it will all look like when it’s done.

Bullet is the keeper of the animals. He takes his job very seriously. He is particularly interested in the young animals. He guards the young chicks in the brooder coop.

And checks in often with the baby goats.

Bullet exhausts himself working so hard and sleeps very soundly

Grace & Kiki are liking their visits to the great outdoors and Melina and Princess Kate are getting used to them.

Mostly Melina and Kate hang by themselves, busying themselves with bush pruning and other important things.

Princess Kate & Melina chillin on some straw bales

Kate doing some pruning

Melina has been seen on the back porch guarding the babies though

The chickens are absolutely fascinated by the new hay racks in the goat house and every day I find several eggs in them.

The chickens are fascinated in general by the new goat house. Wait until they figure out they're getting a new coop!

But with the heat we’ve been having there’s been a lot of lollygagging around and dust baths being taken.

It’s comforting that life goes on in it’s usual pattern here on the farm. It will help me get back into my routine.


  1. can’t wait to see everyone today. That pic of Bullet looking in the door cracks me up.

  2. It’s such a virtual stimulation ground I need a nap after a visit!!

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