Farm Farm

How Luxurious

The final “wow” was added to the chicken coop yesterday. The exterior nesting box doors with the individual viewing windows. How’s that for fancy? I think my friend (and architect) came up with the idea, but I just love how it looks. I also love the exterior doors so I can collect eggs without having to go inside the coop.

We got trim around the whole coop’s exterior too. The interior trim will be done next and then the siding and roof! I cannot wait to see that.

And finally, this is the look I get every time I leave Grace and Kiki in their stall. Breaks my little heart.


  1. The new coop looks INSANE! I can’t believe you turn around and look at them when leaving, let alone take a picture. I never look. I knew it would be heart breaking and now there is proof. Now I need to go find the Men in Black mind eraser pen to get this image out of my head.

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