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Frost Valley YMCA Farm

Just down the road from Grey Lodge was the Frost Valley YMCA Farm. They have a farm camp there and lovely yurts to stay in. They didn’t have a lot of animals, but they were all very friendly and they had a really nice assortment.

This alpaca was on the shy side, but his darker friend was very friendly. Jim was trying to convince Evan to hop on his back to ride him. Thankfully the alpaca was not cooperating.

There were some floppy-eared bunnies hopping around you could pick up.

They had a nice variety of goats there. Of course this is a lousy picture. Somehow I didn't get a picture of the naturally ear-less LaMancha goats. they had two and they are so interesting and were so friendly

This was an adolescent Pygmy buck that they'd just gotten a few days ago. He was probably the cutest goat I'd ever seen. He was friendly and had the most wonderful colors. Plus he was still young so he wasn't too stinky yet!

They had a lovely variety of chickens. A flock of about 20 that were free-ranging all over the farm.

As sometimes is the case with a rooster present, a few of the hens had bottoms that were completely plucked raw. Ouch!

The Light Brahma rooster was lovely, but I couldn't help but feel bad for those ladies with the plucked bottoms!

The tom turkey was putting on a show for us and his ladies.

This is Batman the llama and the sheep he's in charge of guarding.

And their guinea hens were running around making the strangest noises.

I don't know what kind of sheep this one was, but he was the most wonderful color. His face and legs were a chocolate brown and his coat was almost silver.

A happy barn.

It was a really nice place to visit. All the animals were happy and clean with plenty of room to roam. The barns and coops were clean. It’s really nice to go see a farm and come away with a good, warm feeling about how the animals are being cared for there.


  1. The pygmy buck was probably the cutest goat you had ever seen??????

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