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I haven’t posted about the farm since before vacation mostly because there isn’t that much going on at the farm lately. Also because until yesterday my kids were still home on vacation and I always find having them home messes with my normal farm cadence. I love my family, but I have to admit that after 9 days of my entire family 24/7 rolling right into an additional 8 days of the 3 younger kids 24/7, I’ve frankly been teetering on the brink of sanity for the past few days. I am too much of a loner to spend that much time with anyone.

I’ve mentioned before that I normally sell my eggs through an email list I’ve put together. I call it “Free Range Friday at Crafty Farm Girls”, and I send the email out on Thursday nights, listing eggs and any other things I have available for sale. Early Friday mornings I put everything out at the lemonade stand I made a few years ago, and people come if they want anytime during the day.

I am now getting so many eggs that Free Range Friday’s just isn’t providing enough sales. The local gourmet cheese store has offered to sell them for me, but I’d really rather keep the sales in-house if I possibly can. I finally thought of a plan. I have this great rolling cooler that I’d bought at Home Goods last year that I often use to hold the eggs on Free Range Fridays. I took an old wooden box I had and cut a hole in the top for people to put the cash into, screwed on a latch with a padlock, and then screwed holed in it and bolted it on to the cooler. While I can’t be sure everyone will be honest and actually pay for their eggs, I can at least try to prevent them from taking the cash with them (unless they want to stick the whole damned rolling cooler into their car).

But in case you were worried about her, here’s Gracie, still smiling.

And since I don’t have much to say about the farm today, I’ll show you some other animal-related things.

I went riding this past Friday up in Kent, Connecticut. Although Kent is over an hour’s drive from where I live, I get up there as often as I can to train with Tammy Hoefer. She was the 2008 World Champion in the National Reining Horse Association’s Rookie Professional division. Finding a trainer in the western discipline in my neck of the woods is really difficult. I feel incredibly lucky to have found someone with such credentials and the drive is well worth it.

Evan and Maia came with me and Maia also took a lesson.

My saddle sat on the fence while Maia took her lesson.

Of course while we were up there we went real-estate hunting for the future farm. Litchfield County is one of the few areas of Connecticut where there are still some working farms. We saw lots of wild turkeys while driving around. Didn’t they know it’s chickens that are supposed to cross the road, not turkeys?

This handsome fellow was putting on a show for his ladies.

But then he realized his ladies weren’t paying the slightest bit of attention and instead were hi-tailing it out of there, so he started running to catch up to them.

There was some land for sale that had cows on it…do you think they come with the property?


  1. this is a great post.

  2. Lucky people to have fresh eggs, lets hope they have enough courtesy to pay for them! Love the pictures of the animals you saw on your trip.

  3. Hillary says:

    I bought some eggs yesterday. They are delicious!

    • C’est très bien, tu as tout bien répété le discourt de tes amis faeoinfts-lubéraux qui croient que le monde est dirigé par un complot communiste.Allez, continuez à vivre et à rêver, comme les porcs que vous êtes, d’avoir des armées de crétins malléables et pouvant être asservies à merci.En attendant ta sortie hebdomadaire est terminée, j’appelle les infirmiers.

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