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Dinnertime on the Farm

Since I’ve shown you what the morning routine looks like on the farm, I thought everyone might also enjoy watching what the dinnertime routine is like.

The goats and chickens were out free-ranging when Maia and I called them for dinner tonight. I have a certain whistle that I do for the farm, and when they hear it they come running from all corners of the yard. As I walk into the fenced area you’ll note a whole other bunch of chickens jumping the fence from the back neighbor’s yard where they’d been foraging in the woods. The groaning and grumbling you can hear towards the end is Maia; I had the goat’s food bowls in my hands, and she was being attacked by the goats (in an I’m hungry way – not in a dangerous way), who finally succeeded in knocking the bowl of chicken scratch grains and vegetables out of her hands.

I’ve been doing it for years now, but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching them all run to me. It’s more dramatic when most of them are in the fenced area, because so many come running at once, but I always prefer to watch them running from all corners of the yard. If I have visitors over that haven’t seen it before it’s fun to watch their reaction — especially if they’re not animal lovers — always good for a laugh.


  1. love watching them come running!

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