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Chick Update

It was a sad day here. I lost both of my little premature chicks. My big Jersey Giant chick, who we named Cookie this morning after the adorable penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo, and I had such high hopes for last night, died shortly after I fed him this morning.

And my little Eggroll, who was so tiny naturally because she was an premature Old English Bantam chick, passed away this afternoon.

My little Eggroll. This was taken last night after his last feeding of the day.

These deaths are hard for me, but have once again proven the point that chicks that don’t naturally break out of their shells probably weren’t meant to be born in the first place. Maybe one of these days I’ll finally learn not to intervene. It’s hard though.

My 5 beautiful remaining chicks are doing wonderfully though. Today they are even showing the beginning of their tiny wing feathers.

You can see here how much smaller the Old English Bantam chick is compared even to the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Tomorrow I will remember to take pictures of the chicks that are out in the brooder coop. You won’t believe how big they’ve gotten in 24 days!


  1. So sorry about the chicks that died. I know how you love them so. The survivors are adorable.

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