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A Nervous Mom

I am not/was not a nervous mother with my children. Some may say I was a bit too laid back and casual. However, the thought of leaving my little “kids” for a night and full day has me in a bit of a panic. My husband planned an overnight in Manhattan for us as a Mother’s Day gift back when we thought that Cissy would be in charge of her babies. My friend Cyrena will be farm sitting and taking over bottle-feeding duties. She came and did the afternoon feeding herself just to make sure she had the hang of it. She’s farm sat for me tons so I’m not worried about the other animals. I think my dog would probably rather live with her sometimes. I know she will do a fantastic job with the babies and all will be wonderful.

We can now feed both of them at the same time, which certainly saves time!

I’m still nervous.

Just look at them.

Meanwhile, it’s been a very busy week here. The chicken coop, which didn’t exist on Tuesday morning, now looks like this:

The large square hole in the front of the coop is where a large external nesting box will be. It will hold 12 nesting boxes and have external doors so eggs can be gathered without going into the coop.

This is the side view. The chicken coop is on the left and the goat house is on the right.

This is the rear view of the goat house on left and the chicken coop on right.

And do you remember my “Corn Flakes” rooster? I call him that because he looks like the rooster on the box of Corn Flakes. A truly classic rooster. Well, this is what he looks like now:

My "Corn Flakes" Rooster

He’s got something wrong with his legs. For a while he could barely walk at all. Now he walks a bit like a drunken sailor. I can’t quite figure out exactly what’s wrong – he may have deformed feet. Whatever it is he seems to be able to get around well enough. I’m just keeping an eye on him to see how he develops and if his legs get any worse or better. I really would like to have a rooster so that all my broody hens can have some chicks of their own.


  1. HEY! I really look like I know what I’m doing feeding the kids! And very gracefully I might add! Try not to be nervous mama, you know I love your animals ALMOST as much as you do and therefore will take extra special care of the new additions.

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