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A Naming Contest for My Injured Barred Rock Hen

I’m sure you’ve heard me say how the goat’s hay racks are a favorite nesting box for the chickens. They practically have to take numbers like a deli counter to get their turn in there. It doesn’t happen often, but when the hay level gets very low (because certain piggy goats who shall remain unnamed have been eating too much), sometimes the chickens have trouble getting out of the racks when they’re done laying.

Such was the case last night when I went to lock up the farm. A barred rock was stuck half in and half out of the hay rack. I eased her out of there and held her for quite a while to stop her shivering. Then I tried wedge her between two hens in the coop, but she couldn’t grab onto the branch. I took her inside for the night.

She watched some of the Super Bowl in Jim's office, but she was really tired.

I put her in a small crate in the mudroom for the night.

Maia holds her while I get a crate out of the garage. That child makes the oddest faces.

This morning right after I fed the farm I took her out and put her down to see if she was OK. She couldn’t walk at all. I picked her back up and we sat on the porch for a while so she could watch her friends. I wish someone was taking a video of the goats crawling all over me while I was just trying to have a peaceful moment with my chicken. I had my camera with me, so it was fun to catch some of the morning antics.And let me just tell you, it was not easy to take pictures balancing an injured chicken on my lap with 4 goats mauling me.

The morning gossip around the water bucket was all about their injured friend.

Rocky tried to make the moves on Paul Deen and the showdown began.

Rocky hi tails it out of there. Score one for Paula Deen.

But she goes chasing after him in case he didn't get the message the first time!

Nobody saw that, did they?

What do these ladies talk about all day?

Her wings are fine and her right leg is fine. Something is wrong with the left leg, but it does not appear to be broken or dislocated. She does not appear to be in any pain. I’m just going to let her rest. She did not eat or drink all night, so this morning I gave her some water with a small syringe I have just for these occasions. By this afternoon she was drinking on her own again. Tonight, on my friend Sue’s advice, I mixed up some layer pellets with hot water to make a mash. To that I added a little chopped up fruit, vegetables and some yogurt. I had to really stick her beak into it for her to get a little taste of it at first, but then she happily ate quite a bit.

She's finally eating.

Chillin' on the couch with me this evening. This is what happens when other family members take pictures...blurry.

And through it all, the goats obliviously eat.

So I thought I’d have a naming contest for her. I don’t have names for all of my chickens. I’m too old to remember that many names. But this one certainly deserves a name. A good name. She’s a barred rock hen and she’s very calm and gentle. Send me your name suggestion in a comment. I guess to be fair I’ll have to choose a name with a random number generator, so don’t send in anything nasty or inappropriate. I’ll send the winner a set of my hen linoleum prints cards as a thank you.


  1. Adrienne


  3. What a sweet chicken story. I have a soft spot for chickens since my family has always raised them. However, we only named 4 of our chickens: the two [mean] roosters were named Georgie and Mr. Davenport. (Mr. Davenport was our [mean] principal.) The two black hens we named Cheena and Weezy. Cheena would let us hold her–she was so friendly. Those pictures of you snuggling with black rock are precious and remind me of my little snuggly chicken. 🙂

  4. you and a chicken watching the super bowl = priceless….just sayin’….i’m going for JANE AUSTEN for a name….seems about right.

  5. Rosanne Barred

  6. These were submitted by Diane P., but she sent it to me in a direct email. She had such great names that I wanted to add them here in the comments so they could be included in the naming contest:

    I love love your blog, especially stories of the critters and photographs! I sure hope little miss ‘Dolly Parton’ is doing much better today, with a song in her heart! But also what comes to mind is: Tulula (a favorite aunt who was a fighter yet humble and kind spirit) and Stella (another favorite grandma who loved me like no other).

  7. Wok and Roll

  8. Pamela G. said:

    Name the chicken Roseanne Barr.

  9. Katy from “Katy, BARR the door.”!


  10. Bonnie S. sent me an email suggesting Matilda!

  11. The Gentle Farmer sent me an email suggesting Lilith.

  12. My vote is for Checkers.

  13. How about Pollyana! She couldn’t walk but she kept her spirits up and stayed hopeful, with the support of her friends & family 🙂

  14. Terry W. sent me an email saying “How about Dolly Lama, since she’s so easy going?”

  15. Holly W. submitted “a great name……… Henny Penny” via email.

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