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More Sweater Covered Bangle Bracelets

I found some great plain wood bracelets made for crafting purposes on Etsy here, and had gathered some more felted sweaters together to make some more sweater-covered bangle bracelets before I left for Kentucky, and tried desperately to get them done before I left so I could post them while away, but at 2 a.m., with everything done but covering the bracelet, I finally had to give up and get a few hours sleep. 

I did manage to finish them last night, with the final ones being done this morning.

These are so easy to make if you follow my directions here.

The plaid ones were made with felted wool fabric I found at a knitting store a couple of months ago. You can find bundles of similar beautiful wools at The bundles are expensive, but you can use them for a variety of crafting projects.

I figured out another good way to leave them while the glue dries: I wrapped a bottle of aspirin that was slightly smaller than the inside dimension of the bracelet with some layers of non-stick aluminum foil so it fit tightly inside the bracelet. This allowed the two seams of the bracelet to dry being pressed flat against the inside of the bangle and made a neat finished product.

A bottle wrapped in non-stick aluminum foil helped keep the seams flat while the glue was drying.

A lot of the neutral colors can be mixed with so many other colors, and I love the look of that patterned sweater bangle.

The patterned bangle goes well with the cream and browns as well as with this green one.

And I love this almost black color with the dark smoky grey and the cream.

I’m going to a Jackson Browne concert on Saturday night. Maybe I’ll be sporting some of my fancy new bangle bracelets!

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this awesome tutorial. I love it! And, glad you had a blast with the bangles!

  2. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing your tutorial and projects.


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