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More Linoleum Prints for the Series

I’ve got 3 more linoleum cuts printed to go in the series I’m working on and printed them onto cards today. I like to draw these out ahead of time, and then when I’m flying I do the cutting on the plane or in the airport. Flight attendants love me. Really though, I do try and clean up after myself and I bring a little baggie to put all the linoleum pieces in. If I haven’t any travel plans, then I’ll do some work on them at night before I go to bed. The high level of concentration required is very relaxing to me.

Another print for my “cowboy” series. This one of a barrel racer.

And here’s my bronc rider.

And for the “chicken” series, a Crested Polish. This looks like a Rastafarian Crested Polish I think.

Wow. I completed this before I got King Strut, but it does bear a striking resemblance to him, doesn’t it?

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