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Linoleum Printing Class Updates

We had so much fun doing our linoleum cutting art class last week that we all went ahead and did a few more!

I did two new ones. One was of sunflowers. I wished I’d used a darker yellow ink, but hindsight is always 20/20 and the nice thing about this kind of art is I can go ahead and print new ones with a different color ink any time I want to.

Then I wanted to do one of a bee skep. This time I really wanted to do it in a way that was more ‘cutting away the linoleum and leaving the design’ than just ‘cutting the design’. This took more time, but I just love the way it came out.

India did another horse. Shocker. A mom with her foal at a fence.

She also went back over one of the first ones she did (she hadn’t made her cuts deep enough originally so the first print didn’t have a lot of clarity to it) to make the lines a little deeper. She got a little aggressive and now they’re really big. But I think it’s better with the deep cuts like this than the first print was.

Maia made a cute pair of lovebirds and printed them in a bright pink ink.

She also re-printed her sheep from the first “class” in the bright pink, and I think he’s really cute in that color.

Evan’s good friend James has the cutest black scottie dog named William. He wanted to do a Scottie like William playing with tennis balls.

Didn’t this come out cute?

Here’s a preview of our next art class: ScratchBoard for Absolute Beginners:


  1. Each child has their own distinct personality that shines through their art work. All are so talented!

  2. Great for Christmas presents- going on the “hand made” theme! I’ll take a bee hive and a sheep please! Love, Sister

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