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Framed Linoleum Prints

In the hopes of selling the house we’ve lived in for the past 16 years in the near future and moving to a place with more land, there is much to be done to get our house market-worthy. There is also endless amounts of de-cluttering that needs to be done.

While we were away in Mexico for 8 days we managed to have some work done around the house. We had the floors refinished in the kitchen and family room. Although it needed to be done about 5 years ago and was literally worn down to the bare wood in places, refinishing your floors is one of those things that is never convenient to do – we are always in those two rooms and I don’t think we could live without them. But, I couldn’t avoid it any longer, so with some advanced planning and the help of my trusty and reliable carpenters, we had it done while we were gone.

The tiniest bedroom in our house is called “my office”. I don’t know why it’s called this because, although it has a desk in it, I NEVER use it and it really should really be called “my closet”, as I use it to store my shit in. It also has a small pull-out couch that serves as a guest bed on the rare occasion that we have guests. This ‘office’ was also going to be painted, along with some other areas, while we were away as well.

I wish I’d taken a picture of it the day before I went to Mexico. You literally could barely walk in the room. Because it was being painted, we were shoving thing in boxes and stacking them in the garage so they could actually reach the walls to paint them. It looks lovely now, but unfortunately I still need to go through all of those boxes and somehow get a lot of that stuff back into this room in some organized fashion.

Keeping “market ready” in the forefront of my mind, I decided to put together a series of my linoleum prints that I’ve done over the past year or so. I had bought these frames at a really good sale at the local art store.

Because I had to keep all of the prints horizontal, some of my favorite prints couldn’t be used. I may do another series on a different wall of my favorite vertical prints.

Measuring and hanging a series of prints like this is something that takes patience, careful math, and accurate measurements – especially when I only had 1″ between each frame. It didn’t come out perfect, but it’s close.


  1. wow, I don’t think I knew there was a couch in there! 😉 The prints look GREAT!

  2. They look amazing. How beautiful.

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